Books : 2003 – 04

Preventing Violence, Caring For Survivors Role of Health Profession and Services in Violence. Amar Jesani, Padma Deosthali, Neha Madhiwalla

Violence, health and services are intimately related. The book is an anthology of articles by experts, sociologists, doctors, human rights experts etc. These articles through lights on varied subjects related to the subject. These articles are most informative and can be referred for reference. Divided in seven chapters—I. Introduction, II. Human Rights and Responsibilities of the Health Sector, III. Violence by State Agencies, IV. Caste and Communal Violence, V. Violence Against Women, VI. Violence Against Women : Women in Prostitution, VII. Human Rights and State of Health Sector.  New Delhi: Kalpaz Publications, 2004 ISBN: 10: 8178352966ISBN 13: 9788178352961