Books : 1999 – 20

Ethical Guidelines for Social Science Research in Health. Amar Jesani

This is the first comprehensive document on ethical principals and guidelines for conducting research in medical sciences as well as social science research in health related issues. It has thrown light on rights and responsibilities of researchers, reviewers, editors, organizations, funding agencies and publishers that are important role players in dissemination of information obtained through research. Publication date: 2000, Hbk, p.35, ISBN 81-89042-27-0


Women in Health care- Auxiliary nurse midwife. Aditi Iyer and Amar Jesani

This study of Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) was conducted between 1990 and 1992. It considers the complex network and roles that they play as health workers, wage earners, wives and mothers. The study also provides an understanding of the nature and spheres of subordination and empowerment in their lives. The profile of ANMs is built up using details about their age, religion, caste, education, native place and material status. Publication date: 1999,