Blog 31 | HEaL Institute & IJME | April 26, 2022

Condemning the increasing communalism and casteism in Karnataka under the BJP regime

We, the undersigned, write this open letter with tremendous concern about the growing state -led and state- sponsored targeted violence and discrimination against Muslim, Christian and Dalit communities in Karnataka that can have several long lasting and adverse consequences, particularly on the most marginalised and vulnerable. The judiciary, media, police and bureaucracy are complicit in this violence and discrimination.

Thousands of bright, young Muslim women have been subjected to daily harassment on the pretext of the hijab that has become a tool to deny education by not allowing them into educational institutions, refusing permission to attend exams and not even offering online classes. Indeed, other than Muslim students, Muslim teachers too have been sacked from their jobs in complete misapplication of the Karnataka High Court’s questionable judgment that awaits a Supreme Court imprimatur.

This concocted hijab issue has now spiralled from the colleges onto the street making any hijab- wearing Muslim woman vulnerable to discrimination, harassment, public humiliation and denial of access into public spaces.

Karnataka has also witnessed vicious public campaigns to boycott Muslim businesses, instigated by sitting ministers and led by Hindutva groups, with blanket impunity from the authorities. Muslim traders have had their stalls attacked at fairs and festivals. There is a call to boycott Muslim drivers and tour operators. There is also a call for what has been called “fruit jihad” – boycotting Muslim fruit sellers as well as halal meat and seeking a ban on the Azaan. This, with regressive laws like cattle slaughter ban is pushing Muslim and Dalit communities into economic destitution. Targeting livelihood through the age -old casteist methods of social and economic boycott is in conflict with the Constitutional principles as embodied in Article 19(1)(g) of the Indian Constitution and is also violative of Articles 14 and 15 of the Indian Constitution for being arbitrary and discriminatory.

As part of the steep rise in attacks against Muslims, the Ram Navami festival offered another opportunity to launch militant marches by Hindutva groups in several areas, with swords and trishuls, blaring provocative music and slogans outside mosques and in Muslim dominated areas, during the holy month of Ramzan and at the time of breaking of the daily fast, often in the presence of the local police. This had an all-India character and Karnataka was one of the states chosen for this display of toxic machismo. It is not surprising that riots erupted in so many states – as they were indeed meant to. In a completely illegal and unprecedented move, the Madhya Pradesh government has egregiously demolished the residences of the alleged rioters, predominantly Muslim households.

The Muslim community across the country has been targeted by the state machinery and there has been very little recourse to police support, honest media reporting or judicial oversight. This in effect, makes the community extremely vulnerable, visible in the everyday humiliation and efforts to subjugate the community. Even seemingly innocuous activities or cultural practices are being given dangerous tints that lead to ‘othering’. Othering a community has devastating consequences and is a concerning step towards genocide. We have terrible examples from history to prove this .

The community was not even spared during the Covid pandemic and the targeting that they were subjected to led them to real life consequences in terms of their mental health, livelihood, income, access to healthcare etc. A textbook that attributed the Covid pandemic to Muslim community had to be withdrawn following public outrage.

As part of the anti-minority agenda of the fascist Hindu agenda, even the Christian community in Karnataka has been targeted by the state machinery. The anti-conversion law that was planned and is being considered to be brought in as an ordinance attempts to criminalise people’s choice of religion which is protected under Article 25 of the Indian Constitution. The expected consequence of this is that Christians praying peacefully in their private spaces have been subjected to threats and physical violence. Pastors have been attacked and Christian prayer areas have been vandalised. This law, which has been brought in or amended to make it more rigorous in multiple states, also seeks to criminalise inter-faith marriages of choice by adult citizens, especially where the husband is Muslim. Even as constitutional challenges to the law are pending before various High Courts, the law has given impetus to local goons to intimidate, attack and separate couples marrying outside their community and has also resulted in the filing of several false and fabricated cases by the police.

While communalism is escalating in the state, age old caste practices continue to be maintained and aggravated under the current regime. One the one hand, caste atrocities in the state are on the rise and on the other hand, basic entitlements such as the Post-matric scholarship are being delayed.

Karnataka has also seen a sharp rise in the number of atrocities against the communities belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled TribesIn Dec 2021, a group of Dalits were beaten up by caste Hindus for entering a temple in KR Pete. Mr Chandru and his son Mr. Nitin were attacked for operating a sugar cane stall in February 2022. In March 2022, a Dalit woman ,Daneshwar,i was fatally burnt by her dominant caste boyfriend, while Mr. Sunil Kumar a Dalit youth was beatenup for the ‘crime’ of ‘staring’ at caste Hindus in April 2022 in the capital ‘smart-city’ Bengaluru.

These are some of the incidents that have made their entry into the public domain, but most cases are largely unreported or pushed off the radar by a combination of threat, coercion and allurement. Between March 2020 and March 2021, there were 2327 cases registered, which is a spike of 54% over the previous year. In fact , Karnataka’s conviction rate is also very low. In 2017, it was reported that the conviction rate was 2.7 per cent, in 2020 it was reported that is a mere 0.4 per cent.

While the Prevention of Atrocities (Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes) Act 1989 was enacted to punish caste discrimination and atrocities against members of the Dalit and Adivasi communities, this is not available to most affected members of the Dalit community. At the very least, following complaints of a caste atrocity, FIRs would need to be filed and criminal proceedings initiated. Justice has to be ensured for targeted individuals.

The Post-matric scholarship scheme for Dalit students, started in 1944-45 by the then British Government on the insistence of Dr. B R Ambedkar and available to Dalit students pursuing post-matric courses and whose parents/guardians annual income does not exceed Rs. 2.5 lakhs, is a centrally sponsored scheme. The disbursement of scholarship amount has been plagued by serious delays in Karnataka causing extreme financial burden on the students and may even force them to drop out, thus undermining the primary purpose of the scheme.

The post matric scholarship for Dalit students needs to be urgently streamlined and monitored to ensure that students do no fall through the social safety net. The state government has to take proactive measures to ensure that no student eligible for the scholarship is left out for bureaucratic reasons. This information should be put out in the public domain and be open to public scrutiny.

While all these incidents, events and behaviours can be seen as isolated events and ‘not really a major problem” the fact is that this culture of discrimination along with impunity offered to the offenders leads to exclusion, ghettoization, denial of essential services etc. Individuals, especially those who are more vulnerable and from oppressed communities face the brunt of this, leading to adverse effects on their mental health. The Covid-19 pandemic and aggressive lockdown has already had a serious mental health impact which the state hasn’t even considered documenting, leave alone addressing. This is over and above the other communicable, non-communicable and reproductive health issues that were not addressed during the pandemic. Instead the state is finding new and creative ways to further subjugate vulnerable communities.

The government of Karnataka is primary responsible to prevent and address these forms of untouchability, targeted harassment and discrimination against vulnerable communities in the state. If the government itself has become an enabler of these social vices, then the country is hurtling towards disaster. The police need to be pulled up for failing to file FIRs, offer protection to the victims and witnesses and instead becoming middle men of the right wing aggression. The media needs to be held accountable for making already vulnerable communities even more likely to face attacks on their livelihood, dignity, homes and lives.

The government of Karnataka is an elected representative of the state and needs to take cognisance of multiple needs of the people of the state. As a group of concerned individuals and progressive organisations, we demand that the social determinants of health such as employment, education, food, water, sanitation, nutrition be addressed on priority. The state has to act against hate speeches and the vicious calls for violence as well as social and economic boycotts. The courts in the state have to take suo moto cognisance of the misinformation and false stories against communities that aggravate their risk of being subjected to violence and discrimination. This includes social media and other media platforms.

We condemn this growing communal and caste violence in Karnataka and call upon all concerned individuals and organisations with a conscience not to keep silent. There needs to be resolute condemnation by larger national and international groups from the mental health/public health and social justice movements. Communalism and casteism are as much a public health crisis as the Covid pandemic and can spread just as virulently. They need as serious an intervention as any other public health crisis.

The Kannada version by Bahutva Karnataka can be found here

List of Endorsers:

    1. Zubera Tahseen– Concerned citizen
    2. Zoya N Fatehally Retired Engineer
    3. Zohra– Concerned citizen
    4. Zoheb Khan, Islamic Information Centre
    5. Yogender Tyagi– Concerned citizen
    6. Yezdani – Private Company
    7. Yasmin Iqbal – Home maker
    8. Yaseen– Concerned citizen
    9. William Stanley-Orissa Development Action Forum
    10. Wasiq Rafeeq– Concerned citizen
    11. Vivek D’souza Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS)
    12. Vishwanath Nagarajarao – Concerned citizen
    13. Vishal Onkar- Swaraj India
    14. Virginia Saldanha – Concerned citizen
    15. Vinay Sreenivasa – Advocate
    16. Vijay Kumar – Retired visiting professor, IIM, Bangalore
    17. Vijay– Concerned citizen
    18. Vidya Dinker – Indian Social Action Forum
    19. Victor Fernandes- Headstreams
    20. Venkat Srinivasan- Consultant
    21. Venita Kaul– Concerned citizen
    22. Veena Shatrugna-Independent Medical Scientist (Rtd)
    23. Veena Lobo-Deepalaya Social Service Centre Indi.
    24. Vasant Ramaswamy- CareCentra
    25. Varsha S- Independent scientist
    26. Vandana Prasad- Public Health Resource Network
    27. Valentine-Holy cross Home for the aged
    28. Uma – Private practice
    29. Tiba Kouser- New Oxford English school
    30. Thasneem- Public sector
    31. Thaseen Fathima- Teacher
    32. Teyol Machado Center for Non Formal Education (CNFE), Bijapur
    33. Teesta Setalvad – Citizens for Justice and Peace
    34. Tasneem Farzana – Jamaath islami hind
    35. Tara M Rai-Democracy Collective
    36. Tanzeem Naqvi- Student
    37. Tanvi- Campaign Against Racism
    38. Talib Sadikali Tinwala – Concerned citizen
    39. Talha Ansri- IIT Bombay
    40. Tajamul Hussain Shaikh– Concerned citizen
    41. Tabrez pasha – No Broker org
    42. Syeda Hajeera Iqbal- Forward Trust
    43. Syeda Asma – Concerned citizen
    44. Syed Zahirulla- Social worker
    45. Syed Tousif Masood- Bahutva Karnataka
    46. Syed Salman- Masjid One Movement
    47. Syed Haseeb– Concerned citizen
    48. Sweta Dash – Concerned citizen
    49. Swatija FAOW
    50. Swati Narayan – Academic and Social Activist, Bengaluru
    51. Swathi Shivanand- Independent researcher
    52. Swarna Bhat- Social Activist
    53. Sushmita – Soliya
    54. Susan Joseph- Navachaitanya
    55. Suresh S – Concerned citizen
    56. Suresh A– Concerned citizen
    57. Surabhi – Self employed
    58. Supratik Chakraborty– Concerned citizen
    59. Supraja – St. Joseph’s College of Law
    60. Sunita Sheel – Forum for Medical Ethics Society
    61. Sunidhi – Concerned citizen
    62. Sumithra S– Concerned citizen
    63. Sulakshana Nandi – Jan Swasthya Abhiyan Chhattisgarh
    64. Sulaika – Concerned citizen
    65. Sujit Patwardhan- Parisar
    66. Sujata Jena – National Lawyers’ Forum
    67. Sufi Roshan– Concerned citizen
    68. S – Concerned citizen
    69. Sudha N Researcher & Activist
    70. Stanley Samuel- Self employed
    71. Srinivasan G – AID india
    72. Shanthi- Roshni Trust
    73. Helen-Congregation of our Lady of the missions
    74. Francina-Nava Jeevana Rehabilitation Centre for the disabled
    75. Amrita -Ekka
    76. Spoorthi- Cotha –
    77. Soni A– Concerned citizen
    78. Somnath Seal – HPE
    79. Somak Adhikari- Times Group
    80. Siddiqui Heena – Teacher
    81. Siddhartha K S S – Azim Premji University
    82. Siddhartha Das – Health activist
    83. Siddharth Narrain-PhD candidate , UNSW, Sydney
    84. Siddharth K J – Independent Researcher, Bengaluru
    85. Shrabonti Bagchi-Journalist
    86. Shobha Rani-Congregation of Jesus Mary Joseph
    87. Shobha- Seva Sadan
    88. Shiva Shankar – IIT Bombay
    89. Shiraz Iqbal– Concerned citizen
    90. Sherry Mukkada – Elak estate
    91. Shashank SR – People’s Union for Civil Liberties
    92. Shama Angelina Chatterjee- Indian Christian Women Movement (ICWM)
    93. Shalom Gauri, Collective
    94. Shakun Doundiyakhed – Concerned Individual
    95. Shah Nawaz– Concerned citizen
    96. SG Vasudev, artist
    97. Sevrin Desa Teacher
    98. Senthil- AC3
    99. Seema Koshy – Atelier
    100. Satyavrat KK- General Secretary – Karnataka, AIITEU (All India IT and ITes union)
    101. Sarosh Kuruvilla- Professor
    102. Sarojini N- Independent Researcher
    103. Sarika Nair Concerned citizen
    104. Saranya Narayan– Concerned citizen
    105. Saqlain Mohamed – Sapthagiri hospital
    106. Sapana Rawat– Concerned citizen
    107. Santhosh-Loyola Vikasa Kendra
    108. Santana Pereira- Eusebia Welfare Centre, Pune
    109. Sannidhi- KSEB
    110. Sandhya Srinivasan-Indian journal of medical ethics
    111. Sanaaulla – Concerned citizen
    112. Sana Fatima- NGO
    113. Samji – FMCG
    114. Samir Kumar Dass – Jharkhand Science Forum
    115. Samina Banu- FORWARD TRUST
    116. Sami Syed – Concerned citizen
    117. Sameeda– Concerned citizen
    118. Salim Yusuf– Concerned citizen
    119. Saleha- Trainer
    120. Sakina- Straw board Mills Ratlam
    121. Sajida Begum- House wife
    122. Saifi Akbarali Chulawala – We Speak Out
    123. Sagar Ramteke- JRF @IIT (ISM) Dhanbad
    124. Safi Ahmed– Concerned citizen
    125. Sachidanand Sinha- JNU
    126. Sachi Hegde – AISA
    127. Sabyasachi Chatterjee – AIPSN
    128. Saba Ali – Jain university
    129. Srinivasan LOCOST, Vadodara
    130. Nirmal Chandran– Concerned citizen
    131. S Parveen– Concerned citizen
    132. S M Durairaj – GGDSD college
    133. Ruth Manorama- Women’s Voice, Karnataka.
    134. Rumi Harish– Concerned citizen
    135. Rosaline Pereira- Auxilium Skills Academy
    136. Roopa Shanbhag – Concerned Individual
    137. Riz Syed- Environmental Consultant
    138. Ritash (aka Pushpa)- Women against Sexual Violence & State Repression (WSS)
    139. Richa- Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Delhi
    140. Rekha Kumari – Holy Cross Institute, Gubbi Cross , Kothanur,
    141. Reha Sharma – Azim Premji University
    142. Reena Dsouza- KDWU Gulbarga
    143. Rebekka Ninan– Concerned citizen
    144. Ravi Duggal- Public Health Researcher and Activist
    145. Rashida– Concerned citizen
    146. Rameeza Shaikh- Muslim Women Study Circle
    147. Ramdas Rao – PUCL
    148. RAMAN VR- Public Health Practitioner
    149. Ram Puniyani-National Solidarity Forum
    150. Rakshita– Concerned citizen
    151. Rajshree- All India IT n ITES
    152. Rajluxmi Vaish– Concerned citizen
    153. Rajesh M Concerned Citizen living in Karnataka
    154. Rajendran Narayanan– Concerned citizen
    155. Rahima Banu – House wife
    156. Raheel– Concerned citizen
    157. Raghunath J- Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru
    158. Govinda – Council for Social Development
    159. R A Janab- Karnataka peace organization
    160. Pushpa S- Activist/ Swaraj Abhiyan
    161. Mohan Rao- Independent public health researcher
    162. Tanika Sircar
    163. Sumit Sircar
    164. Prof Janaki Nair ( retd. Centre for historical studies JNU)
    165. Priyanka Bopana– Concerned citizen
    166. Praveen Kumar- MedPure
    167. Prasanna Saligram JSA Karnataka
    168. Pramod Mujumdar SALOKHA GROUP, MAHARASHTRA
    169. Prameela Dsouza St Peter’s Church road , shahapur
    170. Prakash Louis- Bihar Migrant Hub, Patna
    171. Prajval Shastri- Astrophysicist, Bengaluru
    172. Prabir KC– Concerned citizen
    173. Prabha D souza Solur
    174. Poonam Batra- Delhi University
    175. Pooja Ramanunni – Concerned citizen
    176. Ponniah Rajamanickam- TNSF
    177. Paul Varghese– Concerned citizen
    178. Parveen Mujhtar – Concerned citizen
    179. Pallavi Gupta- Independent Practitioner, New Delhi
    180. Pachalal Bhawaddin Karimi– Concerned citizen
    181. Nrithya -Dancer
    182. Noorin– Concerned citizen
    183. Nizamuddin Davangere – Bahutva Karnataka
    184. Niyaz- Concerned citizen
    185. Niveditha– Concerned citizen
    186. Nivedita Menon – JNU, Delhi
    187. Nishan – Free lance
    188. Nisha Abdulla- Independent Artist and Educator, Bahutva Karnataka
    189. Nirmal- Ambedkarite
    190. V.P Freelance Independent Scholar and Development Educationist
    191. Nikhil Pandhi – Princeton University
    192. Nikhil Mandalaparthy- Hindus for Human Rights
    193. Nicolette Ketchum– Concerned citizen
    194. Neeta Alva-Special School
    195. Neelufer- N designs
    196. Nawaz Aman- Ex Serviceman
    197. Navsharan Singh- Independent Researcher
    198. Navroze Contractor None
    199. Navina Shettigar- GGC School
    200. Narendra Gupta– Concerned citizen
    201. Nancy Rodrigs- Nirmala institute
    202. Najmul – JIH
    203. Najma Banu-Principal of a private school
    204. Nagaragere Ramesh- Peoples’ Democratic Forum
    205. Nafees Batool– Concerned citizen
    206. Naeem Khan- Teacher
    207. Nadiya, JIH
    208. Balanaraysnan– Concerned citizen
    209. Mythili – Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)
    210. Mustafa– Concerned citizen
    211. Munavar Hussain M – Professor
    212. Mumtaz Fathima– Concerned citizen
    213. Mukta-RNDM
    214. Muhammad Zaheeruddin – Concerned citizen
    215. Moina Parveen – FORWARD trust
    216. Mohmed –Nurse, KIMS
    217. Mohammed Yusuf – Student
    218. Mohammed Sadik – Analog devices india pvt ltd
    219. Mohammed Khizer- Aegis India pvt ltd
    220. Mohammed Imran NRI – Nationality from India
    221. Mohammed Asim – Construction Safety
    222. Mohammed Abid- Rawabi Holding Oil And Gas
    223. Mohammed Aasim NA
    224. Mohamed Sirajudeen -Tamilnadu government
    225. Mohamed Sajeed– Concerned citizen
    226. Mohamed Ridwan- MMF
    227. Mohamed Kareem Basha, MMF
    228. ML Ramprakash– Concerned citizen
    229. Mira Shiva – Public health physician
    230. Mira Bakhru- Retd faculty , IIMB
    231. Minusia-Indian Statistical Institute
    232. Merlyn Mathew – Asha Deep
    233. Melwyn Kevin Sequeira -Social activist
    234. Maya Menon- The Teacher Foundation
    235. Mathew – Farmer, Ketala
    236. Marzia – Concerned citizen
    237. Mary Swapana– Concerned citizen
    238. Maria- Sochara
    239. Margarita– Concerned citizen
    240. Maqbool Ahmed– Concerned citizen
    241. Mansoor Alam Mallick – Freelancer
    242. Manisha Gupte – Human rights activist
    243. Mani Educationist
    244. Manasi Pingle BSF
    245. Manan Wan – Concerned citizen
    246. Manan Kumar- Freelance journalist
    247. Mamur Ali– Concerned citizen
    248. Mallappa Kumbar – Karnataka sexual minorities forum
    249. Malarvizhi– Concerned citizen
    250. Maitreyi Krishnan- AILAJ
    251. Maitreyee Boruah- Independent journalist
    252. Madhuri- Filmmaker
    253. Madhu Bhushan – Women’s rights activist
    254. A.Lawrence – Gideons
    255. M Kesudeen- SMMCHRI
    256. Linet-St. Joseph’s convent
    257. Lesley Birnur– Concerned citizen
    258. Leena Gomes– Concerned citizen
    259. Latifa – Movement for Justice
    260. Latha– Concerned citizen
    261. Lara Jesani – Advocate
    262. Labeed Shafi-Solidarity youth movement Karnataka
    263. Kuldeep Garg- Independent Educator
    264. Khan – IFN
    265. Khaleel Ahmed– Concerned citizen
    266. Keerthana Jagadeesh- Indian Institute for Human Settlements
    267. Kawsar Jahan – Trainer
    268. Kavitha Shanmugam-The Federal
    269. Kavitha Kuruganti – Social activist
    270. Kavita Srivastava – PUCL
    271. Kathyayini Chamaraj- Forum for Democracy & Communal Amity
    272. Kasim Abdul Salim – NHS
    273. Kashish Naqvi- Student
    274. Karthi Marshan – None
    275. Kaneez Fathima – Arafath school
    276. Kamayani Bali Mahabal Mumbai
    277. Kalpana Mistry- Aangan Trust
    278. P Mayan Democratic Alliance
    279. P Mayan- Democratic Alliance
    280. K S Parthasarathy– Concerned citizen
    281. Juned Kamal- APCR
    282. Joyal-Roshni
    283. Joseph Xavier- Indian Social Institute Bangalore
    284. Jose Lobo- Atlántico University
    285. Joji George-SURE
    286. John Dayal -Writer and activist
    287. Jessy-Mariam Niketan convent
    288. Jerald Dsouza-Loyola Vikas Kendra
    289. Jerald Dsouza – Advocate
    290. Jean Dreze – Concerned citizen
    291. Jayshree Oza- Consultant
    292. Jayati Ghosh- University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
    293. Javadha– Concerned citizen
    294. Jansi- Slum Mahila Sanghatane
    295. Janet F Pinto -Roshni
    296. Janavi Sridhar- Medical Student
    297. James V – Concerned Christian
    298. James F Fomba- Campaign against racism
    299. Jagdish Patel- PTRC
    300. Jacinta Machado-Deepalaya Indi Bijapur district
    301. Irfan – Concerned citizen
    302. Iqbal– Concerned citizen
    303. Indranil- JSA Delhi
    304. Indira- Public Health Researcher
    305. Imran Naqvi– Concerned citizen
    306. Imran– Concerned citizen
    307. Huzefa– Concerned citizen
    308. Huzafah Sadaf SM-St. Joseph’s College of Law
    309. Hema Swaminathan-IIM Bangalore
    310. Heena Kouser – Teacher
    311. Hathija – House wife
    312. Harry -Karnataka Jesuits
    313. Haleema Teacher
    314. Haleema – Teacher
    315. Gurumurthy Kasinathan- National Coalition on the Education Emergency
    316. Gurumoorthy– Concerned citizen
    317. Gulab Pasha- SWARAJ INDIA
    318. Gracy-Concerned citizen
    319. Gowri Kolal-Student
    320. Gouranga Mohapatra- Patient right group, Odisha
    321. Gloria Maria Crasta-Sneha Sadan Kankal
    322. Gitanjali R – Concerned citizen
    323. Girish B- City Corporation
    324. Ghouse Hussain– Concerned citizen
    325. George – Montfort School
    326. Geetha Menon, Women activist, Stree Jagruti Samiti
    327. Gautam Sonti. Concerned citizen.
    328. Cedric Prakash – Human Rights activist
    329. Firdouse Khan – FORWARD TRUST
    330. Fazlu – Vadagara Sagerdayavedhi Muscat
    331. Fatema– Concerned citizen
    332. Farooq Mohammed – SOCHARA
    333. Farita Viegas – Teacher
    334. Farhan Ahmed K – JIH
    335. Farha- Concerned citizen
    336. Faquih Abdul Sattar– Concerned citizen
    337. Fahim Aziz– Concerned citizen
    338. Evelyn Benis – SSW
    339. Enas- MD CADI ReSearch Foundation USA
    340. Edith Gonalves- Holy cross sister
    341. Dunu Roy– Concerned citizen
    342. Rahmathunisa– Concerned citizen
    343. C.Ramakrishnan- BGVS
    344. Sylvia Karpagam, Public health doctor
    345. Reshma Parveen – I.G .Khan Memorial Trust
    346. N. A. Hussain – Tertiary care hospital
    347. Karan P-Independent
    348. James Deutsch- University of Toronto
    349. Goldy M George – Activist and Academician
    350. Belgami Mohammad Saad – Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Karnataka
    351. Asifa- Doctors for Humanity
    352. Dr Shakeel – Centre for health and Resource management
    353. Dr Shabreen Kauser- Masters in Dental surgery
    354. Dr Rajeev B R-Community Dentist, Bangalore
    355. Dr Nasser Yusuf – SAVE LIVES
    356. Dr Mira Shiva-Public Health Physician
    357. Dr Maxim Dias SJ college
    358. Dr Antony K R – Independent Monitor, National Health Mission GoI
    359. Divya Reshma CNFE
    360. Divya Prafulla – Concerned Citizen
    361. Dipa Sinha– Concerned citizen
    362. Dimple Dsouza- Student
    363. Dibakar Bhattacharjya- Advocate AILAJ/LSJHR, West Bengal.
    364. Dhanam -Holy cross
    365. Devassy kadaparambil -Don Bosco
    366. Denzel Joyson A J – MPT Acharya Anarchist Reading Circle.
    367. Deepti Bharti-Delhi NFIW
    368. Deepika Joshi- People’s Health Movement/ Jan Swasthya Abhiyan, Chhattisgarh
    369. Deepak Malghan – IIM Bangalore
    370. Deepa – Public Health Practitioner
    371. Dawood S- Engineer
    372. Dalhia Mani- Professor
    373. D Parthasarathy- IIT Bombay
    374. Clifton D’ Rozario – All India Lawyers’ Association for Justice
    375. Christina Samy- Swaraj India
    376. Chayanika Shah -Forum Against Oppression of Women Mumbai
    377. Chandrika- MILANA
    378. Brinelle D’souza – Academic and Activist, Mumbai
    379. Brinda Adige – Women Rights, Karnataka
    380. Binju Saramma Abraham – Concerned citizen
    381. Bindiya Shajith- All inclusive Foundation
    382. Bilva Raman – Concerned citizen
    383. Ben Dover– Concerned citizen
    384. Beena Yallurkar- Spoorthi Sadan Talikoti
    385. Banu Azeez – Housewife
    386. Balu- Bangalore Dalit Forum
    387. Babita– Concerned citizen
    388. Nasreen Taj (Teacher)
    389. Aziz Kassam– Concerned citizen
    390. Azeez pasha- Business
    391. Azam pasha- Student
    392. Ayub pasha- Transportation
    393. Ayesha Sulaiman – Homemaker
    394. Ayesha Kidwai- Jawaharlal Nehru University
    395. Avani Chokshi -All India Lawyers Association for Justice
    396. Aswaty George- Concerned Citizen
    397. Asunta Patil -Carmel Ashish Charitable Trust .
    398. Asim Siddiqui – Concerned citizen
    399. Asif Iqbal– Concerned citizen
    400. Ashok Narayan- Retired doctor
    401. Ashok Maridas-Samvidhanada Haadiyalli
    402. Ashika Shetty– Concerned citizen
    403. Asfia Aejaz – IIMB
    404. Arun Gupta-Alliance Against Conflicts of Interest
    405. Arun Chockalingam – University of Toronto
    406. Arul Pandian- NEXGEN – Melbourne Australia
    407. Arslan Naqvi- Student
    408. Apurva Vivek- Hashiya Socio-Legal Centre for Women
    409. Anusha S- IT for Change
    410. Anupama Hegde– Concerned citizen
    411. Anjali Lal– Concerned citizen
    412. Anitha Dsouza-Social worker
    413. Anita Rego– Concerned citizen
    414. Anil Sadgopal – Former Member, Central Advisory Board of Education (CABE)
    415. Anil -LCSC
    416. Ananya Dasgupta – Concerned citizen
    417. Anant Phadke- Shramik Mukti Dal (D)
    418. Amruthavalli- Activist
    419. Amrita-RNDM
    420. Ammu Joseph – Journalist and author
    421. Ammu Abraham Forum Against Oppression of Women
    422. Amjad Pasha- Business
    423. Amita Pitre Independent Researcher and Development Practitioner
    424. Ameer Abdul Raheem– Concerned citizen
    425. Amar Jesani Independent Researcher and Teacher, Public Health and Bioethic
    426. Alwyn-Sangama
    427. Alwyn D’Souza – Concerned citizen
    428. Alishah– Concerned citizen
    429. Alice Kerketta– Concerned citizen
    430. Akhtar– Concerned citizen
    431. Akhil Mythri -National Institute of Advanced Studies
    432. Ajith Thomas– Concerned citizen
    433. Aishwarya Ravikumar-Independent
    434. Ahmed – Concerned citizen
    435. Afshan Yasmeen– Concerned citizen
    436. Afsel CK-Rehab India Foundation
    437. Adnan Yunus- HSBC
    438. Aditya Krishnan– Concerned citizen
    439. Adithya Anil-St Joseph’s College of law
    440. Adeeba Fathima -Student
    441. Abishek Ramasubramanian -Concerned citizen
    442. Abigail Silversmith -Independent researcher
    443. Abhishek Mazumdar – Theatre writer
    444. Abhay Shukla- Jan Swasthya Abhiyan
    445. Abeer- Jamat islami Hind
    446. Abdul Yunus- Ex-servicemen
    447. Aarti Bhatt – Campaign Against Racism MN
    448. R.Vasavi-Independent Researcher