Emerging AI Technology in Health Care in India, Health Equity and Justice: Critical Reflections and Charting out way forward | Sat. July 13, 2019


  • Health, Ethics and Law Institute, FMES, Mumbai
  • Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), IIT Bombay, Mumbai

Venue: 4th Floor, VMCC, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
Synopsis: This grand round focussed on the targets of health equity and justice while implementation AI in healthcare in Recently in 2018, NITI Aayog, a policy thinktank of the Government of India came up with a discussion paper on AI entitled ‘National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIForAll’. The report identified five major social sectors for the implementation of AI with healthcare beingone of them. As As AI is likely to play a larger role in the healthcare systems of the future, it is necessary that we develop a better understanding with regards to the implementation of AI and work towards deeper engagement with various aspects of research in AI in health care, and its deployment and overall governance mechanism. Broadly speaking, the growth of AI also warrants forward looking engagement from the social sector to ensure AI in health care contributes to enhancing health for all, balanced risk-benefits ratio, availability of robust governance and redressal systems for all the concerned constituencies. As a broader peer community from across the disciplines and sectors, our efforts ought to be towards responsible research and development; and deployment of AI in health care centre-staging health equity and health justice.
Against this backdrop, the proposed round table focussed on bringing together representatives of key constituencies relating to AI in health care to appreciate technical aspects of AI and its distinct features compared to health technologies we are familiar with; and understand the contours of opportunities it provides and challenges it poses. Thiswas aimed at charting out key areas which require systematic explorations and in-depth research in the coming times towards responsible research and development; and deployment of AI based health care technologies.
Speakers: Amar Jesani, IJME, Mumbai, Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, IIT Bombay,  Navneet Wadkar, Sunita Sheel and Anant Bhan, Mumbai,  Surajit Nundy, New Delhi, Ashish Srivastaa, CSTEP, Bangalore, Ashwini Kalantri, MGIMS, MH, Usha Ramanathan, SC Advt. and Sr. Research Professional, Denny John, Campbell Collaboration, New Delhi


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