Ethical Challenges and Obligations in Health Journalism in India

Themes | Subthemes | Tags:  Furthering bioethics discourse: Exploring less explored | Ethics in health journalism
Duration: November 2018 onwards
Team: Dilnaz Boga (2018-19) and Sunita Sheel (2018 onwards)
Funding support:  Forum for Medical Ethics Society
Product/s expected:

  • A draft study report based on a qualitative research. It is titled, ‘Ethical Challenges and Obligations in Health Journalism in India’
  • A manuscript for publication in a peer reviewed journal
  • A curriculum for short duration intensive training program on ‘ethics in health journalism’ for health journalists

Overview:  In the burgeoning media scenario in India, reporters face all kinds of challenges in covering issues that influence public perception. Beats such as crucial health have a significant impact on the behaviour of the public towards issues that affect them. In order to explore the intricacies that influence and inform health reportage in India, this study examines the ethical challenges posed to health reporters. Employing the Qualitative and Mixed Methods of research, this study will not only highlight the seen and unseen influences on health reporters but will also probe whether they incorporate ethics in their work. The study will also illuminate how journalists represent issues (ethics, conflict of interest, privacy, confidentiality) pertaining to the public, especially marginalised groups. The purpose of this study is to allow health journalists to not only put forth the challenges they encounter on the field and come up with solutions, but also to elaborate on the various pressures and influences that shape their work. Furthermore, the research findings will aid in developing ethical guidelines specifically for health reporters in India.

Past contributions: None