Joint Statement: No Aadhaar for Vaccination, Access to Healthcare

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on India, as the second wave of the pandemic continues to ravage India’s health infrastructure. In these desperate times, ensuring equitable, fast and easy access to healthcare, medicines and the vaccines is fundamental. Rethink Aadhaar joins the Internet Freedom Foundation, the Forum For Medical Ethics Society, and Swathanthra Malayalam Computing to urge all government and administrative authorities to ensure that:

1) The vaccination drive is inclusive, equitable, and accessible,

2) The manacles of Aadhaar are not imposed as a condition to access healthcare services

3) The vaccination programme is not used as a laboratory to test new technologies, and

4) Health data is not exploited under the pretenses of the pandemic.

We need your support for the government to listen to us! Please sign the statement by filling up this form and share it with your friends and family to help the citizens of India gain better and equitable access to healthcare services! Read the entire statement here. Please click here to sign.