Study Reports : 2020-21

Enhancing the Quality of Response of the Health Care System to Sexual Assault. Dr Lakshmi Lingam, Dr Sunita Bandewar, Ms Sita Mamidipudi

The report presents a comprehensive study we undertook  of health care and medico-legal care for survivors of gender based violence with special focus on domestic and sexual violence and identification of gaps in infrastructure and human resources. The study covered two states – Maharashtra and Telangana.

Supported by Department of Health Research, Indian Council for Medical Research, New Delhi

Host Institute: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, MH

FMES member:  Sunita Bandewar

Published: April, 2021

Recording of GBV dissemination meeting


The Steady Drumbeat of Institutional Casteism: Recognise Respond Redress. FMES, FAOW, MFC, PUCL.

Dr Payal Tadvi, a young woman who aspired to a bright future for herself and carried dreams of being of service to her community and society at large lost her life to the machinations of a cruel, discriminating, and hierarchical system. Many others before her have also been driven to death by a system that is dominated by those in power, that operates through a systematic denial of dignity and which seems to be impervious to even the constitutional principles of inclusion, equality, and justice. This is the understanding from where this enquiry starts.

Published: 2021