Working Papers : 2019-20

Community and stakeholder Engagement in Clinical Trials in LMICs in the Context of Public Health Emergencies: A literature review. HEaL, FMES and Quicksand

This report is based on the literature review of the select relevant materials in the area of engagement and participatory approaches to clinical trials in low-and-middle-income countries (LMICs). It is part of a larger initiative hosted at QuickSand Design Studio and supported by Wellcome Trust aimed at getting deeper insights into opportunitiesĀ and challenges in relation to future clinical trials in LMICs in the context of the three epidemics namely, Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), Nipah Virus Disease (NiVD) and Zika Virus Disease (ZiVD), and Snakebite Envenoming (SBE) in Africa, South Asia, and South America given the contours of their specificities and the empirical reality of they having attracted the attention of the global public health peer community and the key entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) over the past about five years. The continued outbreaks, especially of EVD in African continent have also sustained the interest of the global peer community as matters are concerning.

Publication date: November, 2019