COVID – 19 Insights: Ethics, Law and Human Rights perspectives and analysis

We – Health, Ethics and Law Institute (the HEaL Institute) and Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) – at the Forum for Medical Ethics Society (FMES) are pleased to bring you a critical, analytical blog space entitled ‘COVID-19 Insights’. As a collective, with a long standing commitment to ethics and rights; our goal of bringing these to you is to not let ethics, human rights and legal aspects relegated amidst the urgency of responding to the pandemic.

These blogs and podcasts are by individuals from all walks of life and fields of expertise. We believe, these would add a layer to the ongoing conversations in different spaces – research, service provision, policies and strategies to respond to the pandemic. They also discuss duties, and obligations of various constituencies, both local and global. The idea is to raise critical questions, and also provide insights to help shape and continue to improve the quality of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We desire to cater to various constituencies; including peers, the larger public as well as the government.

Blogs in this space speak to various aspects of public health emergencies in general, and the Covid-19 pandemic in particular. The ‘COVID-19 Insights’. space also provides select related resources.

How can you contribute to the blog?

We welcome contributions to the blog space ‘COVID-19 Insights’. reflecting your insights and critical analysis using the lens of ethics, rights and law. Studied from social, cultural, gender, political or economic perspectives bringing forth issues and concerns around justice; the submissions can be in different forms including commentaries, brief reports, short stories, experiential narratives from ground zero, poetry, skits, sketches, cartoons and any form of creative expressions. Submissions in the form of recorded interviews, focussing on the core purpose of the blog, can also be submitted as podcasts.

Amidst the information overload and buzzing social media, we hope to keep these blogs short, and each blog focused on one or two themes at a time.

Submission Guidelines for blog authors:

  1. The core theme of the submission should focus on ethics, human  rights and legal regulatory standpoints studied from social, cultural, gender, political or economic perspectives.
  2. Blog length: up to 1000 words with some flexibility; podcasts: up to 10 minutes.
  3. Submission format and style: Submissions must be sent in a word document with minimum formatting. Font size: 12; Font type: Times New Roman.
  4. Send in your submissions with a covering letter with a few lines about yourself and the piece/podcast.
  5. Submissions will be screened and reviewed for content quality, scope and suitability for the purpose of the blog by the team of blog editors and may require to be revised. The final discretion of content editing and publishing the blog lies with the blog editors for all submissions.
  6. Submission may include hyperlinks to relevant stories, reports, and any other resources.
  7. Blog Submission email id: [email protected]

Blog editors and curators: 

Supriya Subramani
Sunita Sheel
Tejal Barai – Jaitly

Editorial and Technical Team: Shahnawaz Islam, Vijay Sawant

COVID – 19 Insights is a collaborative platform founded on the principle of ‘co-creating knowledge to develop an inclusive response to the pandemic which affects us all with no barriers of religion, class, gender, caste’. It is also to create collaboratively a documentation of ongoing discourse on wide ranging concerns the pandemic has raised regarding the health care system in India, and our overall preparedness to take on the challenges such pandemics creates. So do read our blogs and share them in your networks, and post your comments.

We also bring to you a wealth of resources at HEaL Institute’s e-Bioethics Repository and e-Covid-19 repository.

Requests for posting relevant materials on this website are welcome for our consideration. Email id: [email protected]