Governance of bioethics journals and annual meeting of the working editors | June 8-9, 2019


  • Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, FMES, Mumbai

Venue: Western Regional Instrumentation Centre, Mumbai University, Kalina, Mumbai
Synopsis: The discussion at this event revolved around several topics related to the operations of a journal including, but not limited to, manuscript processing and role of working editors, editorial coordinators and editor. It focussed on policy related to the authorship, particularly allowing the anonymous / pseudonymous publication. There was also a discussion about challenges in maintaining high quality peer review system; and experiences of the journey towards review disclosure and open system. During this event, special attention was paid to the COI of the editors (core team and editorial board members), including potential COI due to the journal’s relationship with the publisher (FMES), pharma etc companies, institutions where we work etc, as well as the public disclosure of the COI of editors, the need for procedural fire-walls to avoid influence due to Unavoidable COI. Towards the end, there were suggestions made for improving the website; online publishing and the issues, including print copy, and it was decided to work on finalisation of submission guidelines, peer reviewers guidelines; and conflict of interest policy document.
Speaker: Mala Ramanathan


     Guidelines for peer reviewers

             Guidelines for authors

                  Case Summaries