Literature Reviews & Working Papers

[Contribution from individual FMES members from their earlier works indicating FMES’ collective expertise, intellectual capital accumulated over time in their own career path to draw upon as we further develop our work and strengthen the past works at FMES].

Year 2019-20: Working Papers

  1. HEaL, FMES and Quicksand (2019). Community and stakeholder Engagement in Clinical Trials in LMICs in the Context of Public Health Emergencies: A literature review. Mumbai: HEaL, FMES and Quicksand,

Year 2002-03: Working Papers

  1. Bandewar, S. and Saha, S. (2002). Studies in Reproductive Health Services in India (1990-1991): Selected Annotated Bibliography. Mumbai: CEHAT, Hbk, p. 165