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O – Blog 38 | Mumbai Mirror | October 16, 2020

The patient behind the curtain | Sanjay Nagral

As the junior most house surgeon at a Mumbai public hospital in the ’80s one almost sleepwalked through work. But even from that foggy memory some incidents come back in a flash, triggered by current events. This is one of them. One night a young woman was admitted to the female surgical ward with burns on her face. This ward was always crowded with many on the floor because… more

O – Blog 35 | Mumbai Mirror | September 25, 2020

Second Opinion: The winner takes it all | Sanjay Nagral

During the first month of Covid, when I wrote in this column that an acquaintance had called to ask whether he could ‘prebook’ an ICU bed, I received incredulous responses. Many suggested that the person was crazy. Some wondered whether I was making up a story. I don’t know whether the gentleman needed an ICU bed, but in a devious sort of way he was indeed far-sighted…. more

O – Blog 37 | Mumbai Mirror | October 09, 2020

One bottle of blood… | Sanjay Nagral

Sunanda is now like any homemaker who looks after her grandchildren at her Navi Mumbai home. At a rather young age of 32, she underwent surgery for removal of a uterine fibroid. During this surgery she was transfused one bottle of blood. In her late 40s, she noticed swelling in her feet. She ignored it at first, but soon started feeling abnormally fatigued. Blood tests revealed low platelets and abnormal liver function. A sonography showed… more

O – Blog 34 | Mumbai Mirror | September 18, 2020

Ram Bharose | Sanjay Nagral

This is an experience I have had often. Settling into a cab’s rear seat, I try looking for the seat belt. It’s broken or hidden. As I am struggling, the cabbie looks amused and says ‘There is no need to put on the seat belt. The police don’t look at the rear seat’. I respond “We don’t wear seat belts for the police but for our own safety. Why do you remove them?”. And they snap back “Other customers don’t make an issue. Why are you?”… more

O – Blog 36 | Mumbai Mirror | October 02, 2020

When doctors become patients | Sanjay Nagral

Last week, I was talking to a colleague who had just recover from prolonged hospitalisation for Covid. After we had exchanged the usual niceties, I asked how the hospital experience was. He said, “The staff looked after me very well. But I didn’t sleep a wink for a week. I couldn’t eat anything. Wonder how our patients manage. I would now really think twice before I advise hospitalisation… more

O – Blog 33 | Mumbai Mirror | September 11, 2020

One step backward two steps forward | Sanjay Nagral

Towards the end of the 19th century, Emil von Behring, a German scientist was experimenting on diphtheria and tetanus, both killer diseases at that time. He injected guinea pigs and horses with diphtheria toxin and then removed their serum, which he believed contained ‘antitoxin’. He used this as treatment for diphtheria patients. Behring was awarded the very first Nobel Prize… more


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