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O – Blog 34 | Mumbai Mirror | September 18, 2020

Ram Bharose | Sanjay Nagral

This is an experience I have had often. Settling into a cab’s rear seat, I try looking for the seat belt. It’s broken or hidden. As I am struggling, the cabbie looks amused and says ‘There is no need to put on the seat belt. The police don’t look at the rear seat’. I respond “We don’t wear seat belts for the police but for our own safety. Why do you remove them?”. And they snap back “Other customers don’t make an issue. Why are you?”… more

O – Blog 31 | Mumbai Mirror | August 28, 2020

The doctor who doesn’t know! | Sanjay Nagral

I had just entered the world of private practice. A patient with a rare came for an opinion. He was accompanied by his family doctor, a renowned senior. After listening to the patient and going through the large number of investigations, I wasn’t sure what to advise. I opened the computer in front of me to check on the current treatment options and their effectiveness… more

O – Blog 33 | Mumbai Mirror | September 11, 2020

One step backward two steps forward | Sanjay Nagral

Towards the end of the 19th century, Emil von Behring, a German scientist was experimenting on diphtheria and tetanus, both killer diseases at that time. He injected guinea pigs and horses with diphtheria toxin and then removed their serum, which he believed contained ‘antitoxin’. He used this as treatment for diphtheria patients. Behring was awarded the very first Nobel Prize… more

O – Blog 30 | Mumbai Mirror | August 21, 2020

A different Ganesha | Sanjay Nagral

Last September in this column, I wrote a piece titled ‘The other Rajas of Lalbaug-Parel’. The ‘Rajas’ are the massive Ganesha idols that dot this area of Mumbai during Ganpati festival. They are visited by thousands of faithful who brave long serpentine queues for hours to get a glimpse. The piece was an attempt to remind our collective memory about the important medical institutions that are present in this central Mumbai locality … more

O – Blog 32 | Mumbai Mirror | September 4, 2020

Hand in hand | Sanjay Nagral

Last week in Chennai, a young man’s family donated his organs after he was pronounced brain dead. This no longer makes news as such donations have become common. But there was something extraordinary about this one. The kidneys, liver and heart are now commonly donated and transplanted. In this case, lungs and hands were also donated. The lungs were transplanted into a man from Gurugram with extensive lung damage due… more

O – Blog 29 | Mumbai Mirror | August 14, 2020

A village at Sea | Sanjay Nagral

As you drive down the Bandra worli sea link, the skyline dotted with skyscrapers is quite startling. As you look down, you notice a triangular piece of land jutting into the sea packed with houses, small boats with colourful flags parked around them and fishing nets strung up in the open space. Look carefully and you see the ramparts of a crumbling fort at the tip. For very long, one couldn’t get a frontal view of Mumbai’s western coastline from the sea… more



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